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Hi, thanks
I did not have time (1hour) to add a bonus: they will further hinder or help
1. car and obstacles: Inkscape > save optimized svg > svg-editor > extract optimized path for javascript canvas Path2D
2. cave: quadraticCurveTo with a number of lows and highs

thanks, theme also updated

@I was able to turn 2.7 kilobytes into 1.9 kilobytes.@
you can optimize code to 0.9k and more: sample
Congratulations! Your game has conquered the category 1k =)

Thank you !

>  Is it randomly generated?
yes, for replayability

> it was different the second time
You can even complete the game with grey sword (default), but during the battle with the monsters you have to frequently dodge
or... You can walk along the edge of the map while avoiding monsters... =)

OK. The source code is available here https://github.com/glasm/quest8pix

thanx )

Thank you for Jam!

please add project: https://glasm.itch.io/oneminic...