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you have to finish the game first

Ive tried installing it 17 times and it still doesn`t work!!!!!!!!

Raithza please help ive been trying for over a day to get it to work and still no luck plz my game was working fine ever since this last update

Yes its just my charachtor sticks to the floor lying down so the view i get is as if ther is a gopro stuck to his feet and then when i try and move i doesn`t do anything ive tried reinstalling the game 12 times also i have a vive

Somebody please help i realy want to play gorn but its still not working if anyone can help please do.the problom is everytime i load it up it glitches out and sticks my charactor to the floor. plz help


Please somebody help i`ve tried everything my game still isn`t working!!!

Can anyone help,every time i load up the game i cant look around and my character is stuck to the floor