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Soon. Working on it now

V.02 will have a linux distribution available.

A new story, updated graphics. Better overall.

Thanks so much! Just watched the video the effort you put into it is incredible! So glad you liked V.01 and hope you like V.02 when it comes out!

An android Version is available already

Thank you!

I hate NTR, it will never appear

So glad you like it! Thanks for playing!

It will be posted here when public. Which is in about 9 days. 

It will not. It's an entirely new game, new events, stories, locations, all that.

Ive actually remade the game in the Daz3D engine. It went out to patrons a few days ago and will be public soon. You can see teasers in the discord server

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PC, Mac and Android. Yes its free 

Im actually working on a new project now that should release in January. SI has temporarily been put on hold. Had a bit of burnout after working on it for so long.

Thank you for the report! I will fix this up

Sorry for the late reply. You must be on the phone homescreen and you can click the phone icon on the UI to exit. 

Thank you so much for the review! I love to hear that people enjoy the game :) 

Hey there! I sent a discord message but copying here in case you miss it. 

You can find money through minigames on the phone/computer. Or through minigames at the cafe and library unlocked through Ella/Vivian  

If you run out of money, ask alex for more when shes home

( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

If you run out you can ask alex for more in the evening :). You need it to buy a few items later on

No shame haha, Cat girls are hot. Plenty of Nyan~~ stuff coming in the next update friend. :) 

Glad you enjoyed it! The next update comes out in 5 days so, look forward to it :)

Thank you :). I'm glad you like it. The next update will be out in just over a week,  adding nearly 2 more hours of stuff.

Glad you enjoy it :). More updates are being made as we speak.