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End was the door? Got there, yes, after some trying! :)

I was getting stuck for some reason especially to the right side, so the character just bounces up and down and can't get it to move even with spinning. I'm not great at these types of games so I don't know if that's a huge issue for all players to be honest. And the numbers, again not really an issue to a player to not get them instantly I think, but I was just interested how they work :)

Well executed clear idea! Good project :)

It's cute and fun! The soundscape maybe gives it somewhat scary vibe?! Idk how that's even possible in a game with planting pixel food but xP

Nice experience and the timer adds a bit more spice. I don't know if this is an itchio thing or not, but the forced fullscreen when playing on browser is a bit annoying. Great project and well written!

Cute and fun idea with the mechanic, for me it maybe bugged sometimes with the ladder at least? Anyway nice work!

A cute and fun idea, looks great! :)

The game is really pretty and well written! However, the text is a bit hard to read and some of the color choices are not very consistent (sometimes you can make a choice in red color, sometimes you press an arrow, sometimes it's a blue last sentence, etc.) and I actually had a lot of trouble finding the tiny blue arrow to go to "next" and at first thought it bugged or just was those few first slides... x( But anyway a great game, very well done!

SUCH a cute game with simple, pleasing visuals and clear vision. It was a bit easy to get stuck or just didn't understand the spinning stuff or how the numbers work, also the "boo" sound when losing a life is a bit sad ;( Amazing game jam project anyway!