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Very cool! Looking forward to the video about this :D

Thank you, hope you enjoyed it! :)

Yes definitely more levels I agree! We didn’t have much time to make the whole thing but happy for what it is, thank you for the feedback! :)

Thank you for your comment! I appreciate the feedback and hope I can improve for next time :)

I love the simplicity of it! For two days that is a really great product as well :D

I loved every bit of this! The only bad thing is that there aren't more levels :D

AAA so incredible, defintely your most professional looking game yet. The music, the sound effects, and the game play all really fit well together!

This is amazing! The whole combination of the gameplay, music and art style makes the game really addictive. I haven't seen anything like the oar movement before so that was really creative!

Really great idea and executed amazingly :) I love the little story you are creating through this game and the previous. The character design is also great alongside the animations! The simple music fits really well and really contrasts to some of the surprisingly difficult aspects of the level. On very few occasions, another jump doesn't seem to register after a long jump but that is really not much of an issue, everything else works perfectly. The dash action is really creative in the way it is performed with the visual and auditory effects that accompany it. It's a shame that there was such a limited time to create the game as there is great potential! :)