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This game absolutely changed my life.

Before owning my first computer, I was homeless most of my life. Growing up on the streets as an orphan, I didn't know the warmth of a home or the comfort of never fearing starvation. I spent most of my days scavenging downtown for food, going through dumpsters, waiting out back restaurants begging for leftovers, and going to the local shelter. It was one of these days where I met Jonathan.

Out in the alley behind Roberto's, who regularly shared his restaurant's leftovers, I saw a curly red haired man crouched in the alley with a laptop. Curious I went over to see what he was up to. His eyes were glued to the screen, and his fingers kept constant rhythm on the keyboard, never faltering.

"Ummmm Hey... what ar---"

"Shhhhh...." he said.

I sat there and watched... hours past and before I knew it I had been memorized by his Emacs skills until the early hours of the morning. Finally he stood up triumphant.

"I'm done!" he exclaimed.

He passed me the computer. On the screen was an image similar to the one posted here on this itch.io. He didn't say a word. I pressed a key and suddenly everything became clear. My fingers danced across the keyboard creating a symphony of sound that rivals the greatest of musicians. I have never since been able to re create that sound. I found someone willing to take me in and trained in the art of piano. I now have a wife, steady income, and a warm home. I teach music lessons now, and just today a student stumbled across this and showed it to me. My jaw dropped. I can't help but think back to those years of my life that were so desperate. Jonathan, thank you.