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sorry if i took some time to reply XD
(we've been busy with school works)

thank you for taking the time to play our game and yes! definitely we will take your offer of fixing our grammar :D
i'd like to discuss this further if you will ^_^

I'm really sorry about that XD

Yes I will finish the game. Hopefully after some school projects.
It will be finished this year, that is for sure you can believe me on that.

In what way? I would like a feedback to that.

Someday I am hoping that I'll be able to post the game in the google play app store. I just need a bit more time XD

I'm glad you like the sprites :D This is still not the final design for the characters. It will be updated sooooon!
The buttons are now updated and will be posted soon. Thank you for feedback. ^_^

Played your game! it was really cute :D
I'm planning to play a lot of your games now. (y)

btw.... i kinda took a peek at your script etc.... sorry bout that~ *tehee* just wanted to get some idea *Designs*. You might want to archive it though~

I'm also developing a game at the same platform it would really help me if you could give me some feedbacks too *sorry bout this* XD

Woah hahaha didn't expect such a praise XD thank you very much! Sorry for some missing sprites and some glitches I'll get to it right away! Please stay tuned for more :D

Thank you very much for the feedback! :D

The script coding is still in progress which is why it still remains incomplete.
and I'm very sorry about the sprites suddenly disappearing. I'm still focusing on the story.

I'll keep the updates running!