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I played your game on my stream and it was spooky, cute and captivating!
Me and my chat really liked it so we tried to beat it twice. 

(╯✧▽✧)╯Style is super cool and I adore creepy footages 

Hi! I played your game on a stream and we (me and chat) really liked it ^_^

We had a lot of fun from random weapons and chaos that was happening around despite that I was really panicking. Music was super catchy!

I guess our dice really was magic cause even after death I could kill somebody hehe

We played your game on my stream and me and my audience really liked it! 

It was super funny, looked cute, music was pretty awesome, and I loved the baragoz (chaos) that this game made.  

And it gave flashbacks to everyone who ever worked as a freelancer (눈_눈)

Didn't get more than 3 stars out 5 though lol 

I played this game and me and my community liked it!

- Now everyone is threat for me 
- Waiting for 23rd of April 10:04 AM
- Will stay inside forever

I played this game and me and my comunity liked it!

- It was quite a transcendental experience
- I was spooked by every sound in the game
- The atmocphere of this game is beyound any discription

I played it on stream and me and my audience liked it!

- It wasn't a bug but a feature
- This game makes you kill for bonus stickers
- This game teaches you to trust your friends

Can't wait for chapter 2

I played it on my stream and me and my audience really liked the experience.
It was a mysterious gruesome story which remained unsolved for us even after first ending (obviously to learn everything we should play more)
Really like the way how the game makes you choose one of the ways and never lets you go back after you made a decision.
Great atmosphere - it felt unsettling all the time even without being chased or anything like this!

Video proof of my spooks: