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One of the nicest picross games, I love the pixel art style and also midnight-black themes so this is perfect!!

Hi !!! I played this and had fun, this was exactly what I was looking for! :)

I played this and it was fun !!

i really liked this !!! creepy

Thanks a lot for playing!!!! It really means a lot. Sadly I missed the stream and it looks like the last call didn't happen for you (they were supposed to happen every 10 seconds while no text boxes were open).

I used bevy, I can send you the game's source code if you want!!!

Hi! I love those songs and I used two of them in my game.

I tried this and it was fun, I like the weight the character has when jumping. Unfortunately I'm stuck on the screen with the bouncing flower.

this is extremely well written. i can't relate exactly but it's chilling to see the similarities in trying to access hormones to this day where i live to this? seeing that even though it got a lot better, i too  have to go through useless expensive protocols to prove i deserve hormones or surgery.

i'm sorry about the steam comments. i value a lot your games for being honest. i especially appreciate the epilogue for talking about how dehumanizing this is.

i really like this game. i played it before starting to transition and then again after the first time someone told me i passed perfectly (after i tried my best not to care about it and having no idea whether i did). we really are there being seen by other people huh

loved this!!! unfortunately hard on my hands but fun :)

Played the three first chapters, this was really interesting and cool!!