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That's very impressive, I thought the music was very fitting with the setting and the mood of the story. You've got serious talent, keep at it ♥

Good job on your first visual novel, Jackie and Zhilinkova! 

The art was really pretty and the visual effects looked very professionally done as well. The music was fine, why'd you say sorry? Lol. I however feel like the story was a bit too rushed, I wish it was more elaborate and that we'd get to know the characters better since this had potential to be a very intriguing read. The English translation could use some more polishing and editing tbh, it sounded pretty awkward even though it was some good effort. 

The lack of a skip button or any configurations would've seriously bugged me if this game wasn't so short. I enjoyed playing this (but I wish it was longer though), thank you for creating this game and I'll be keeping an eye out for your future projects!

 P/S: I'm a bit of a writer/editor myself so if you need any help in the future, I'll be right here to lend a hand! Have a lovely day~

Thank you sooo much for such a pleasing experience, Batesan! The art is gorgeous and the writing had me wheezing (those forth wall breaking comments got me goooood). I love all the guys omg and the fact that this VN has a solid plot is dope but I kinda wish it was a tad more romance driven, you know? We need that sequel, c'mon!

The bottom line is, I definitely walked out of this one finding clowns cute and it's your fault. I'll be waiting for the release of the new Magical Otoge game so stay safe and take care of yourself!! <3