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Hello, is it okay to use this in an open source plugin for a text editor hosted on GitHub? The assets would be freely accessible and downloadable. Here is a link to the project

Yes sorry for not telling you, I already did it yesterday, I apologize again for my mistake I'm truly sorry

Hey! Someone in my project asked if it was okay to have your assets included in my plugin's source code, since it is open source and therefore accessible. I thought it was fine but I just want to make sure, my intention was never to give away your assets for free... Here is a link to my plugin. In my plugin's license I also specified that the assets are not included for free use. If you are not okay with this, I will remove your assets from the project or will delete the whole project and will be available to refund you however I can. Thank you :')

Hello, I'm writing a plugin to show pets in the neovim editor, is it okay if I include your assets, the plugin being open source? Thank you!