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The pack is wonderful!

I loved the changes!

Its amazing!

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This is AMAZING! Thank you so much!

Have you tried going to Options > Recover Session?

I loved, thank you! 

It is amazing!

I loved!

This new update erased all my previous progress. I lost everything :(

Oh I loved this!

Thanks anyway <3



omg I LOVED! 

I loved!

I really loved it! What a wonderful thing.

This is so cuteeee!

The only thing I wish was different would be making a pomodoro to have food for the kitten, then that would be perfect!

Eu vi no perfil que os autores são brasileiros? Se forem, parabéns pelo trabalho ♥

Fun fact: I tried to make a theme with the tutorial you posted a few comments below and it all went wrong lmao

I will be patiently waiting for new themes from you hahaha

Ah, maybe a vaporwave theme would be cool!

I thank you for the incredible program!

WriteIt! community · Created a new topic

I confess that this is the second time I download this app. The first time, I couldn't get used to it very well and gave up, but today I decided to try again (this time reading the read me) and I loved it! What a good program! It's all very beautiful and helped me a lot to unlock my writer's block.

I really loved it and I'm hoping for new themes in the future <3

I'm loving using FlowWriter. Your idea is very good and it was very well executed.

One small problem is that the program doesn't recognize a dash (—) so I have to use = so that later when editing, I don't get lost in the dialogues (in my language, dialogues are indicated by a dash).

But other than that, it's great!

I'm really loving it.

(I saw you commenting that you didn't test it on Windows, I use Windows and everything is fine with me!)

I just saw! It looks great!

Hello, I don't know if it's a Windows problem, but the program no longer plays the “celebration” music when I reach 100% of writing. I've looked in the audio settings and it indicates that there is audio in the program, it just doesn't play anymore.

I came to wish you happy holidays!

I would like to thank you for this incredible software that helps me so much on a daily basis.

Thank you for doing something that changed my writing life!  :)))

Hello, I was interested in the program, but I would like to know if there is a way to use it together with another program? So, shrink to fit the screen. Thank you in advance.

I came back to say how smooth the app is. It's so great to see it grow!

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I wanted to indicate a bug: it could be my computer, but twice the program crashed with me using the “stars.” The decoration stays on the screen frozen, but I can still write. Then I close it, open it again and it works again.

CPU:AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics, 3.50 GHz 

RAM: 24,0 GB 

Windows 11 - 64 bits

I'm in shock with the update. I'm so excited about everything, it's so beautiful! You outdid yourself, I swear my mouth dropped open when I saw it.

Today is my lucky day!

You did an amazing job, wow!

Oh, thank you! Now, it looks wonderful!

It will be great for my pomodoro sessions ♥

I have a suggestion: a way to enter the number and not have to keep clicking until you reach the desired number

Thank you! It‘s is cute and I loved it!

This is such a great tool for the time of Nanowrimo. Yesterday I wrote 3K with the help of WriteRush <3

That is so good! I loved this cute bird <3 Thank you!

Oh! The update is so good! Everything so intuitive! I really loved it! Thank you very much for the improvements!

I wanted to say that your “mix” is working! WriteRush has become my favorite writing program, every day I just open it and write ♥

Sorry to invade the conversation, but do you know Focus Writer? It's an open source program that I like, but I don't use it because it doesn't have auto-save. I've already lost 1K words when the power went out.

It has the “Timer” in the corner of the screen and when activated, it turns black and loses color like clockwork. When I read @still_life suggestion I immediately thought about this program.


As soon as my credit card bill closes, I will send you coffees! You deserve it so much for the incredible work!

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You outdid yourself! I'll start testing now!