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A member registered Mar 20, 2020

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great great great porting! and the extended mode is gold!
Cheers guys, very good job! ;)
This is my longplay of arcade version using speccy-emu via winuae ;)

I really enjoyed it!In Medium difficulty is hard too
I like the concept of arcade shooting
Nice one for this Xmas spinoff ;)

This is my video ;)
I really enjoyed it! Isn't simple and you need to do pixel perfect jumps, so cool. Thx for this remake ;)

This is my video ;)
Very cool spinoff, cheers! ;)

keep going Cammy! ;)

how many levels?
I completed the game, then there is bonus room and then other new levels

just wow!

let's do it Jaaaaaaaaaaake ;)

here we go again! I'm ready! ;)

G R E A T !
Very powerfull Roguelite!
I like how the challenge increases dungeon after dungeon
And every time is new, you cannot rush, you have to be patient staying focus all the time

Perfect game to try an hard challenge but at the same time is ok for all, beginners and not

I recommend to set "hits" to understand very well every info about the game


very good! keep going and thx for this ;)

thx ;)

Hi Lemming880
I just inserted the longplay of Boxx Remake and then I played a bit the original one to compare them ;)
It's a video for the large italian Amiga community ;)
Cheers again for the game!

Ok! Understood!
Thx for very accurate reply! ;)

Hi Lemming80
I have 2 questions:
- What means Performance Mode in Controls Menu?
- What change in the game setting Hard Difficulty? I tried 1st Level and I didn't see differents than Normal


Nivrig games = drugs ;) :) ;)

I'll continue to hope someone will see these videos and then will decide to make a full remake of SFII ;)
Anyway, thx man for this!

very good! Different scenarios, nice enemies, colors,thumbsup for me!
Keep going ;)

also SNK NEOGEO version! soooo great!

cheers ;)

ok! thx

So, the game will be release at February 2021?

Hi man!
This game is simply fantastic. You can feel the spirit of Christmas while you're playing it ;) 
And there is a great feeling of challenge. Awesome credits at the end. 
Cheers and thx for Santa Run
Cheers DJ Metune too and Ten Shu