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when nina showed up i may have shed a little tear....but! i haved always loved your visual novels, and eee!! im so excited for the acsension remake!! love you lots rin, keep going!!

hi!!! soo so sorry on the late reply - but i've got it up and running and it's working like a charm!!! thank you soooo much <3

i wasn't able to get it to work myself, but that's probs because i have no idea how apks work. 

if you could, i'd appreciate the help on learning how to get it together?

yeah! but if it was out of your way, i wouldn't want to bother you. 

will there be a full game browser version? i have a chromebook so it would suck if i couldn't keep playing past the demo ;-;

i created an account so i could find and save this game oml 

i cannot wait for the update!!! im so excited! (p.s valerian is the love of my life thanks okay bye)