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Wish I could get that patreon LO

So happy for you

TBH I just picked what I'd want to hear. I'd rather like, live in dread of death and stuff but know the truth than live happily but cluelessly..... idk mate 😭

Very good! I do have a suggestion though, that being that i think the absolute worst ending should be locked behind an option that is both dishonest *and* cruel. Because as of right now, the options are basically "be nice, but lie" or "be cruel but honest". Idk, maybe I'm missing the point of the game here.

POV: You accidentally got the actual worst ending during your first playthrough
...what is wrong with me

Shed a couple tears on ending 6 wo

If you can't figure out how to use Google I don't think you're old enough to use this site


That's called piracy, and its illegal....

Bro aint no way you can run this on your iphone 2-

Another issue is that many mac users dont realize how low-spec their computers are. Even if there is a mac port, there is no guarantee you'll be able to run it, depending on how new your mac is.

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I do have another suggestion, that being a map.

Due to the nature of this game, I don't mean a traditional minimap.

Just a top-down map of the area, with no player marker on it. Maybe have a couple symbols on it that  line up with certain symbols in the game? For example, in the starting area on the map, there would be a star icon, and in the starting room in the game world there would be a large star on the floor. (I don't mean just the starting area, like one of the larger intersections could have like a circle on the floor with a circle on the map where that is too)

This would encourage players to use the map combined with their surroundings in order to try and figure out where they are, but would also make sure they don't rely on it too much because it takes time to figure out your location.

Game is pretty spooky, but I have a couple of major gripes
1: The sound design isn't great. Especially the footsteps, they should have randomized pitch
2: Look sensitivity slider. The current sensitivity is so ungodly slow even with dpi at max (which makes my cursor practically fly across the screen)
3: The music is a little loud

Bossfight community · Created a new topic testing topic

do not reply this is just testing

Even if there was an android port that only supported keyboard and mouse (no touch) that would be great.

Another neat thing would be a web port. Not sure how that would work, though.

got a discord?

Got a discord? I've never done a game jam before but this might be interesting.

So I decided to make my game on scratch and see what happens.

this is not going to be easy, so if you have ANYTHING that you think can help, I'll be going with a pixel platformer type of thing. I have a bunch of cool ideas but can't really reveal them here heheh. ( IDK I've never done a game jam before.