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Keep up the good work! Very nice game so far

Although a bit confusing at times (presumably because of translation issues?), I really enjoy the game so far. Some of the stuff does seem a bit outlandish and straight out of a cringy anime, but I really like the story and this set of characters. Please keep up the good work! 

... Also, I'd love a Krol route. Maybe I'm too much of a masochist.

This game is so fucking good. Please keep up this awesome work!

I wish we got to know more of Gwin's life before jumping straight into that heavy stuff, doesn't really feel impactful and it gave me the impression that the story was romantacising the whole situation.
Even as someone with similar experiences of SA, I just can't connect with it so far.  :/

alright, thanks!

any way to get it translated?

I love the art in this. The story is pretty cool as well. 

Really good story, wish it had more love interests however.

Is there a walkthrough?

That ending for the current version T-T

Are there ways to become smaller?

not gunna buy dis, but I like the coc artwork.

Not Elliott's eyebrows moving! So cute! Keep it up <3

I really like it so far c:

Will there be a Russel route?

My character's name has always been Moo so it's rlly funny reading him call Chester by the same name lol

I loved Harold's update <3