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Wow, that was really cool.

where are these penguins

Fun game!

Awesome game!

There is or was also a small chance that a ball with the cat ear equipment deals 1 damage.

After a couple of runs just found the snake minigame.

7:55 and 58 deaths and 2 berries

You Jump With Z and use the grappling hook with X

Got to the top. This was not even that hard.

Fun Game!

Fun game! Got to 4267 points.

Perfect game! Just defeated Permadeath mode.

How to do the glitced one?

Yes, I did it!!! Fun game!!!

Why are they entering there own game jam.

Finnaly beat it. It was a very fun game and I really liked the ending screen.

Won by doing almost nothing...

Where is the secret flower level

There is a small bug where you can go through 2 spikes.

Still a very fun game!