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I'm looking forward to the update!

An ending scene does not show up but it dims the background.

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Here is the video I said about sorry it's a bit long, if the link doesn't work please tell me but if it does in the video I am not being teleported around the maze I was just pausing the recording.

Edit:Sorry about the video quality I had to convert it to mp4 and that's what made it so bad

oops i forgot the log file here it is

it is on file dropper it was the only thing i could think of

The first time it opened a second window that had an error in it (I wasn't excpecting it so I didn't save the error but I will attach a log file from AppData\Roaming\itch\logs i don't know if it helps) and the second time (and all others after) the cat said goodbye, but the typing audio was messed up i will try and give a recording. When i pressed enter the cat said lucid but when i pressed enter it said lucid again and so on

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when i ran out of time in the first maze the game crashed, or is that part of the game?

Edit: never mind this is a great game i love it