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Loved The theme of this game. feel like you were pretty spot on with what you wanted to accomplish with this game. I look forward to playing some of your games in the future keep up the Great Work !!!

The Atmosphere and voices were bone chilling!!! I would be definitely be interested to record the full version of the game if a lot of new stuff is added, Keep up the great work!!! 

Was A delightful short experience and I think this has a lot of potential to being a horrifying masterpiece. 

What I would like to see In the full release is some minions that sort of distract and disorintate the player like one enemy could slow the player down and another could just make noise and follow you around so you cant hear where ollie is coming from

Hope to see more to this game keep up the great work!!!

Loved The Story And the atmosphere was pretty intense. the only criticism i have is that i felt  there wasnt a whole lot of interaction with the plants. I think it would be cool if there was a little mini game when you water the plants and as the game  goes on The plants begin to change.

Still this was a very enjoyable game so keep up the great work!

Very Lovely Experience. I would love to see a possible sequel to this as strange as the story is I was really intrigued by it. Keep up the great work !!

Fantastic, it was the exact kind of weirdness i was looking for and so much more. gotta say favorite part by far was glitching out the bodies before feeding. Keep Up the Great Work!!!

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Had one hell of a blast playing this although i  am very curious about the story at nthe end is an actual kids story or if you made it up on the fly either way it was horrifying and definitely set the mood great job!!!!

Not What I expected at once but had a surprisingly good time. I promise to never again disrespect mrs. Verbeck

I have learned that walks in the dark are not good for me or for anyone. so if you ever think about doing it..... Just dont 

Looks Like you cared enough to correct my grammar :) also if you took 5 seconds to click and watch the video you wouldnt be  such a grump lol 

HAHA Jokes On all of you  I bought a PS5 and did a legit unboxing, just posting this hear to show off what you peasants will never be able to afford .

I absoulutely love weird horror game and this by far has to have been my favorite so far during my youtube career. Im thrilled your making a sequel and will definetly be checking it out when its fully released keep up the amazing work!!

The scares were phenomenal in this game,  I got so freaked  out at some points of the game I had to take my head phones  but as you will see   in this video that did not help whatsoever. 10\10 Would  Cut Out My Peepers  again

Had A great time playing. Although I dont know If I could ever trust anyone again after experiencing the Betrayal That Is Dave.

Hoogan seems like a good boy R.I.P

Had a wonderful time playing Keep up the great work

Just Tried Out Samhain but couldnt find the gamepage so i figured I would post it hear. The atmosphere was perfect it truly made me paranoid. I look forward to playing nun massacare and your other titles. Keep up the great work!!!

Had A wondertful time playing your game, I apologize for the butchering that i did of your name. I look forward to other games you will be releasing in the future. keep up the great work!!

Had an absolute blast playing this!!! I found this game after playing deathflush and was not disappointed in the slightest!!! I was so shocked to find out this was your first game, I look forward to all to all your future releases,

One Of the best if not the best game i have played on itchio.

I didnt know i could have so much fun with a toilet themed but i was pleasantly surprised.

only complaint i have is with the toilet seat killers jitbox being ridicously hard to find and made the fight a little frustrating but maybe that was done on purpose. 

I look forward to playing some of your other games. Keep up the great work!!!

Was Very intrigued by the demo, Wish we could have gotten one creature sighting but other than that it has a great  atmosphere  and the story  was very intriguing  .   

I was curious on what the frogs have to do with loveland and was pleasently surprised by the Loveland Frogman Mystery, I look forward to see how   you add the beast in. Keep up the great work!!

Really not what I expected to be honest but was pleasantly surprised. Feel really dumb for not figuring out the puzzels sooner but i look forward to seeing the full version and more of your future work!!!

Had a great time playing


I am A very big fan of of the found footage style and wasnt disappointed. was pretty confused with the story to be honest but that added to the charm to the game. If a 3rd game is in the makes i would love to know the killers motivation is. anyways keep on with the great work

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A very strange but wonderful game!! had a blast playing it and i honestly think mr patson is my favorite character in a video game.

I look forward to your future work

Was intrigued by the story and style. 

Hope to get a longer part 2. your definitely onto something here with this idea

got to say when i started playing this I didnt think 2 minute horror game was gonna scare me but boy was I wrong

Great Job! Looking forward to your future projects 

An astonishing game, I had a wonderful time playing it. the graphics choked out my computer a bit but it did not take away from the experience. The creatures, Music, and atmosphere are all 10/10 for me. Looking forward to the full release!!! Keep up the amazing work

Had A Good time playing, I found the atomsphere to be very chilling I was pretty scared to walk forward at times terrified that something was gonna pop out. The tunnel scene was really creative and a great use of the lighting.

some cons were that although the atmosphere was tense I never really got to see to see the creature until the end. would have loved more visual scares or quick glimpses of the creature. and it could definitely use some soft atmospheric background music felt really quite at times.

overal for a first game I think you have done a wonderful job and look forward to more of your work

One Of If not the best games I have Played On itchio!!! The Sounds Were superb and freaked me out .   The Apparition could have used some work but other than that It was an enjoyable Experience

Love The Concept. I never Imagined how terrifying a survey could be! I loved how the computer decided to print out my youtube Logo! Cant wait to see your top secret project!!

As a first game I gotta say you scarred me way more than others who have been making games for years so Great job!!! really captured my childhood fear of walking home alone at night. Hope to see more from you!!

Had a  good time. the mist was pretty spooky   and the sounds were very ominous  . pretty confused as the story was going but i understand that this was made  in only 48 hours. overall it was an enjoyable experience, definitely gonna check out some of your other work

I Really hope to see a sequal to this !!!! If anybody is still debating on playing this stop and give a try now. you wont be the same after playing

Played both versions unfortunatly the first time i played this my recording messed up but after seeing that there was a major update i decided to give it another shot and im so glad i did! i got scared before the update but this was a whole new ballpark. the sounds were on point i couldnt bring myself to sit still and listen because i was so paranoid that something was after me. Amazing job dont ever stop making games lol

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Picked this game at random when i couldnt get another one to record and Im glad i did, it was a delightful experience. probably my  favorite yet out of this haunted ps1 style games.  I had seen that you were making an update to the game and was curious if it would be a whole new experience or if it is just some  polishing? either way great game and i cant wait to see what you put out in the future!!  P.S just relized you made Tv night another great game I enjoyed, Your on a roll  lol

Wow great use of the virtual house tour concept, The Demons threw me for a bit of a loop as far as the lore but overall this was an enjoyable experince

Dont think I have ever read anything as disturbing as those diary entries. Wonderful Job on the game definetly gonna check out your other game!!! Keep Up The Grind!

Really enjoyed my time playing this . The Atmoshpere and  Sound design was perfect.  Hope You could possibly add on to this or make a 2nd more longer game!!! Definetly going to keep an eye out for future. Keep up the great work!!