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Had A spactaculor Experience while playing I truly wish i knew about the multiple endings before uploading but regardless I look very much forward to The Sequel!! keep up the amazing work !!

Absolute gem of a Game Voice acting was perfect and just overall a Really Enjoyable Experience Definitely reccomend everyone to Check this game out First Then Watch My Video

See You all At The  Beach-A-Palooza Spring Break Beach Blowout!!

Really Amazing work you guys put into this game!!! I played this game all the way back when it first came out and was pleasantly surprised to see it continue  to get updated but I did not realize  you made entirely new game!! had such a fantastic  experience will definitely keep  my  eye out for future updates and projects You guys Do ! 

Honestly Might be my favorite horror game I have recorded yet been a huge fan since the first  episode and so happy to see the series going did such an amazing job with the atmosphere and characters!! I also Loved going back and finding most if not all the creepy secrets you were Hiding !! I even found a super creepy room I dont think you were supposed  to go into!! Looking forward to episode 3 !!! 

Remember Yall Always Check your Closets and never Pick Up HitchHikers 

I Played The Game And Was Thoroughly Spooked But Made The Mistake Of looking up The Mandela Catalogue And ended up experiencing a terror like i havent had before So Bravo creator But Also Screw You for scaring me

Looking forward to your Future Work

Played The Prototype For This a while Back and was Thoroughly Spooked . But This Game Took It To A whole  level up from just spooking. Look Forward To The Full Game Release !!!

Truly Fantastic Game You have made the horror hit right at home with me so to speak. Loved every minute of it and Immediately Wish Listed the 2nd episode So I look forward to December 10th! Keep Up The Fantastic Work! 

Blown Away by how terrifying the experience this was I appreciate the game not being to long cause man I felt like I was being chased forever In The Slide. Keep Up The Amazing Work!!!

Love The Change Up you did to the ending but at the same time makes me feel like I Failed my job as a Mold Exorcist

A Little Late to the Party But I love what you did with the update a huge step up from the last version ! Im very excited to see the full release!

Instantly Wish Listed This Game After Playing A fantastic job you did with the demo! Looking forward to doing a  full playthrough!!

Really Beautiful art And Interesting Little Story Enjoyed This Game SO Much!!! 

Keep Up The Wonderful Work !!! 

You Have A really good idea going on here I was having such an intense time I Honestly wish it could have gone on Longer!! Im pretty surprised I got the Good ending on the first try. But the only bad thing i have to say is the monster looks a bit generic and could have used something to spice him up. Had A wonderful experience Please keep Up The Great Work !!!

This game had a profound effect on me where after the first time i played I couldnt stop thinking about it and had to give it another run 4 days later. unfortunately got The bad ending both times and figured that was the only ending but i see that I was wrong. 

Never the less was a welcomed experience and definitely makes me think twice about Society and Eating apples 

Amazing Job!!! Love The choice making aspect of the game it was really unique idea!!! I just wish there were some secret choices you could make for a True ending sort of thing. 

I'm definitely gonna check out any games you make in the future so keep up the great work!!!

Absolutely Loved everything about this game it told such A wonderful story while also teaching a valuable Lesson. I dare Anyone to try to play this game and not get emotional at the end lol Anyways Keep Up The Great Work !!!

Loved The Message But Hate The controls, That could have been my fault though for smoking pot before recording. Keep Up the great work though!!! Definitely will check out some of your future releases 

The Most TERRIFYING game I will ever play in my life 10/10 Would Shit My Pants Again 

Loved The Unique Aspect  the game not really anything quite like it on itchio.  Defintetly Missed The opprotunity to have some creepy Sounds like groaning and stuff like that  but I would  love to see this Idea expanded on . keep   up with the great work !!!

A New Favorite  of mine On this website for sure. I Was Craving so much more at the end  The Designs And sounds , Location , Everything Was Perfect !!!  I hope to see more awesome games like this from you guys in the Future !!! 

Some How You Turned Getting A Drink Of Water Into A Horrifying Experience And I Applaud You For That. Keep Up The Great Work!!!

Thanks To Gordon I feel Like I have Become A  true Master Chef 10/10 ign

I didnt Know What I was Expecting but I Was surprised that I found mysef wanting more after playing, I would Really enjoy a sequel to this that has A little bit more story and Gamplay to it. Keep Up The Great Work !

For As Short as it was  I still Got A lot of enjoyment out of it and got introduced   to junji itos work at the same time   !!!   I Cant believe I went this long without hearing about him before so thank you for that !!! I hope you continue to make more great games  In the future as I will Be Sure To Check them out !

Had An Absoulute Blast Playing This I love How weird your mind is and I hope you continue making strange games Like these

Loved The theme of this game. feel like you were pretty spot on with what you wanted to accomplish with this game. I look forward to playing some of your games in the future keep up the Great Work !!!

The Atmosphere and voices were bone chilling!!! I would be definitely be interested to record the full version of the game if a lot of new stuff is added, Keep up the great work!!! 

Was A delightful short experience and I think this has a lot of potential to being a horrifying masterpiece. 

What I would like to see In the full release is some minions that sort of distract and disorintate the player like one enemy could slow the player down and another could just make noise and follow you around so you cant hear where ollie is coming from

Hope to see more to this game keep up the great work!!!

Loved The Story And the atmosphere was pretty intense. the only criticism i have is that i felt  there wasnt a whole lot of interaction with the plants. I think it would be cool if there was a little mini game when you water the plants and as the game  goes on The plants begin to change.

Still this was a very enjoyable game so keep up the great work!

Very Lovely Experience. I would love to see a possible sequel to this as strange as the story is I was really intrigued by it. Keep up the great work !!

Fantastic, it was the exact kind of weirdness i was looking for and so much more. gotta say favorite part by far was glitching out the bodies before feeding. Keep Up the Great Work!!!

Bonbon community · Created a new topic Children's story

Had one hell of a blast playing this although i  am very curious about the story at nthe end is an actual kids story or if you made it up on the fly either way it was horrifying and definitely set the mood great job!!!!

Not What I expected at once but had a surprisingly good time. I promise to never again disrespect mrs. Verbeck

I have learned that walks in the dark are not good for me or for anyone. so if you ever think about doing it..... Just dont 

Looks Like you cared enough to correct my grammar :) also if you took 5 seconds to click and watch the video you wouldnt be  such a grump lol 

HAHA Jokes On all of you  I bought a PS5 and did a legit unboxing, just posting this hear to show off what you peasants will never be able to afford .

I absoulutely love weird horror game and this by far has to have been my favorite so far during my youtube career. Im thrilled your making a sequel and will definetly be checking it out when its fully released keep up the amazing work!!

The scares were phenomenal in this game,  I got so freaked  out at some points of the game I had to take my head phones  but as you will see   in this video that did not help whatsoever. 10\10 Would  Cut Out My Peepers  again

Had A great time playing. Although I dont know If I could ever trust anyone again after experiencing the Betrayal That Is Dave.