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10/10 Would Drive To Hell Again. Will Remember To Bring A Barf Bag For Passengers Next Time

When I played the demo i knew the game was gonna be great but my expectations were blown out of the water with the full release!!!

Prefect balance between comedy and dread all the voice actors did a amazing job

Only issue i have is that there were no calls about warlock remnants Other than that my favorite game of 2024 So far will be pretty hard to beat the joy I got from playing this ! 

So Crazy To see Each one of these games get better than the last one Looking forward to the Next Game I know it will be a Banger Like This One

Everyone reading this please buy the game immediately you will not regret it! 

My Mind was Blown The Whole Time Playing This One of the most fun and uniqu game mechanics i have seen in a while !! Hope to see a full game like this in the future !!

That Goth Milf Energy Hit a lot different than expected

LOVED THE SNIPER KILLER DEMO!!!! There were so many easter eggs and connections with both Blood Wash and Nights At The Living gates Of Hell Cannot see The full release !!!!

LOVED THE SNIPER KILLER DEMO!!!! There were so many easter eggs and connections with both Blood Wash and Nights At The Living gates Of Hell Cannot see The full release !!!!

Absolute Banger My Guy Keep Up The Amazing Work !

Been Loving All The Work You Been Putting out!!! cannot wait to see How You connect The Events of the previous games into the next one 

Fucking Outstanding Bro I just Played some of your other games and i am loving the connections you throw in between each game. Super Looking forward to your next game your gonna do great things !!!

BROOOOOOOO F*cking Fantastic Job At The Game !!! Literally had to go check my pants after playing this the sound design was perfect and nailed the atmosphere Felt like there were monsters completely surrounding me just wow cannot wait for the next episode !!! 

Fucking Fantastic Experience God I Do not understand why more people are not talking about this game But just know you did an amazing job and That I Hope You Keep Busting out Bangers Like This !!!!!

Was A Great experience and terrifying atmosphere just feeling like the ending was a bit abrupt and the game could have used a bit of gore or atleast a drop of blood but I do hope to see more games from you in the future !! Keep Up The Great Work !!

Had To Make A Second Video I Just Couldnt Stay Away From The demo !!!

I was Completely Shocked How quickly I became obsessed with this game Truly a Incredible experience Voice acting work is beautiful!!  Reminds Me of a darker Stanly parable which is another game i keep close to my heart . Truly excited for the full Release !! keep Up the amazing Work !

I need A 2nd Part  where we go on a fishing trip and smoke a blunt together. 10/10 best Game  Ever

Pretty Terrifying For Being so Short Nice Job !!!

learned some very Important lessons from this game. Never Trust 3 Fly's To Protect You From Strangers  

Very Unique Experience Just wish it Was Longer 

Loved The Atmoshpere had A Great Build Up that Didnt end with a jumpscare which was nice but just feels like it needed A bit more  in terms of stuff happening but regardless had a good time with my Buddy Charlie R.I.P

This Demo Was Pretty Insane Definitely Will Be counting down the days Till A Full release !!!

Was Not expecting how beautiful the sprites were going to be i Really enjoyed this game alot although was extremely uncomfortable at times Great work ! My only Issue I was not able to pet My Lamb after working so hard to keep him fed 

Had A blast playing this game and the floor is breathing !!! I am curios if the 2 games are connected in the story? 

I Apologize For Creating this Abomination Of A Video... Loved The Game A Pretty Good story although simple was a bit confused at the end but maybe I wasnt meant to understand it. Would Have loved for a bit more scares But keep up the good work !!!

True Alpha Chads Always Reject Drugs

A beautiful experience with wondeful voice acting , story and music  ! was taken back at how much I enjoyed this game Please keep up the Wonderful Work !

Loved Playing This Game Just whished There were a few more scares involving the Face ! Also Is This Game Based Off of a real serial Killer? Keep Up The Wonderful Work!

Truly the best horror game I have played in 2022 The balance between  Being  Fun and Soul Wrenching Dread You feel while playing this Game is nothing Like I have Experinced Before Please Check This Game Out If your on the fence About Playing it, you wont regret it!!!

Incredibly insane and terrifying Experience , a truly unique feature with the flashlight Honestly if something had started chasing me I would have shut off my PC lol Keep up the amazing work !!!

Extremely excited for the full realease Im incredibly amazed How much work you have been putting in I played all 3 demos and everytime I come back the Game gets better and better! Keep up the Amazing Work!!

I Cannot Believe how fun This Game Was Im Extremely Excited For The DLC, You Do some pretty amazing work Keep It Up!!!!

Honestly hard to believe this is your first game it was a wonderful and terrifying experience Even Going back for the second ending after knowing what Happens I could keep my headphones on longer than 5 seconds. Keep up the amazing work I look forward to see what you make in the future !

Noticed the Game mentioned Human Teeth So im curious As to What the hell Lamu Is? lol

Recorded this many months ago but finally got around to uploading it. Truly a Fantastic experience You set the setting very well and very creepily So Much That I couldnt Handle the thought of leaving the saftey of my garbage truck for more than 10 seconds lol Hope to see more of you work in the future !!!

Had A spactaculor Experience while playing I truly wish i knew about the multiple endings before uploading but regardless I look very much forward to The Sequel!! keep up the amazing work !!

Absolute gem of a Game Voice acting was perfect and just overall a Really Enjoyable Experience Definitely reccomend everyone to Check this game out First Then Watch My Video

See You all At The  Beach-A-Palooza Spring Break Beach Blowout!!

Really Amazing work you guys put into this game!!! I played this game all the way back when it first came out and was pleasantly surprised to see it continue  to get updated but I did not realize  you made entirely new game!! had such a fantastic  experience will definitely keep  my  eye out for future updates and projects You guys Do ! 

Honestly Might be my favorite horror game I have recorded yet been a huge fan since the first  episode and so happy to see the series going did such an amazing job with the atmosphere and characters!! I also Loved going back and finding most if not all the creepy secrets you were Hiding !! I even found a super creepy room I dont think you were supposed  to go into!! Looking forward to episode 3 !!! 

Remember Yall Always Check your Closets and never Pick Up HitchHikers