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JURNAL MALAM - BEST FRIEND i7-14700K + RTX 3080 Benchmark Gameplay Indonesia Horror Game

another indonesian GREAT creation.

- love the shadow graphics

- COOL voice act, especially rahmad voice!!! keep up the good work

you made this alone? I love the graphics. anyway I face minor bug, sometime when I pressed "E" the camera become Buggy so I need to press E again

love your video ❤️

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I received 2 Ending. Survived and Death. nice engine. love the shadow effect and graphics, smooths like a butter. oh! add more Alive Human, the police team maybe so the game looks alive than the other Horror game that just ALWAYS alone

the graphics are awesome!

help! how to change the Controls? we usually use WASD, but yours S (backward), Z (forward), Q (strafe left), d (strade right). this is French Keyboard? thanks

okay! thanks!

how to download this? no Download link

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love the deutsch language, remind me of my swiss friend

you should develope and then sell this game with Price. this game really has a big potential, Nice gameplay about burning the Chopped Arm, and Fixed Camera like Resident Evil Code Veronica with 3D background. but Can you please give more options for the Movements Control? I dont like "Tank Mode Control" movement tbh. I will try to get the ending, at least one Ending lol, this game is too hard for me.

too hard for me

love the graphics, especially if we could sharpen it

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good graphics and control like AAA games

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I just hoped I could saw some Gores models inside the game. Great graphics. love it, keep up the good work

the graphics nice, the movements controls are smooth too

spongebobs squarepants in HD mode

I like it how the movements so smooth. maybe you can add some ghost or the killer peeking while we are wandering or just after we grab things?

its always great when we role play as a villain in a game

i hate doll since kid

feel the wrath of maxell

my sub is stucked in the bottom, broken in the deep abyss of our world

his stare is the Horror

I tried to Survive by choosing another ways, but still sacrificed lol

hello. nice story. challenging puzzle. great artwork. beautiful Lacie (Too bad we can not Permanently changed her clothes into Indoor Clothes. anyway, I can not pass Third Pikes Obstacles Challenge, its too hard for me, can you please change it?

a person suddenly go inside the track was the best jumpscare lol, startled me for real

the background music suits the atmosphere so well

so there is a shortcut if we choose drum fire track

I love the shadow effects. anyway what is the monster who running forward backward on upcliff? he is bloody and using barret like a dead soldier?

I hate to be continued lol

dark story

how long we need to survive? I tried for 8 minutes but still not survived

need Control Expanations, I can not use any Weapon that I crafted to hit the enemies

reshade on, I dont know if the last Stage is Beatable or not

reshade on

with reshade on. Yes, love the smooth movement of the camera, not stuffy. just curious how will become the full game, curious with the story yeah