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Thank you for the review. We have also realised that the difficulty isn't consistent at times but as we were running out of time as well we decided to polish what we had instead of adding a ton of new features. We had quite more planned than what we  were able to implement as well.


Thank you for the review! We also know that the other turrets are kind of useless compared to the rocket one.  But we felt it more important to polish what we had by the end rather than adding a ton of new stuff. 

Thanks for the review, We have also come upon the same realisation about the upgrades but we decided to polish what we had instad of adding a ton off stuff by the end as we were running out of time for everything we had planned.

What a nice and insightful review. I was truly moved by it. Thank you.

Well, yes as the wise coder said : let's deal with the extra features at a later date XD.

The assets for the dungeon are from UE's Marketplace but otherwise the levels were built by us. And don't worry we have mentioned all assets creators in the credits. 

We're sorry to hear that. We will be updating a slightly better version of the game later. Until then we'll have to tell you that either you weren't chosen to be the one or you were not strong enough to pass through the door. 

This game is so awesome!!