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After listening to the concept on the podcast, I actually enjoyed toying with it a bit. I'll agree with Plague on many points, but also like this idea. I will say it does require visuals beyond the robots, but that's where the chaos comes in. The game is very quick to complete and I did 4 runs in just a few minutes, one of which I won. Art would definitely save it, but ultimately it is a fun time killer.

I got the demon's number, screwed the goblin, and got blown by the spider. That all there is to it?

Yes, latest version available. The game in question was House Party, which now also says it's not available on Windows. I was trying to uninstall and reinstall when I discovered that. This is untrue. I can download it on the site no problem.

Pretty much as the name states, whenever I check for updates on games it gives that message.