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Awesome game, haven't seen many like it. Love the art and sound effects. The controls are nice, and it was well made. Great game!

Nice puzzles, love the way it works. I've seen other games with similar ideas of two character, but this is the best.

Cool game! Love the style.

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Nice art a music, though i have to agree the no W was confuzing.


Cool game idea, love the puzzle aspect of it, I feel like with some polished art this could be a really good game!

Nice game idea, could be a mobile game! I think it just needs some music and better AI... just like my game actually.

Awesome game, nice lighting, good controls, beatuful transitions, well made levels, and great background music.

Thanks very much, I loved your game too!

Best Game Ive seen so far, love the background music and art style :)