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Between the gravity of the game, the horrid movement control, enemies pushing you into other screen [reloads them so if you have to kill them all your shit outta luck], enemies being harder than a cock and enemies respawning they need to really rethink a lot of what they put into this game. The Poor control quality give me the feel of a game I put together when I was younger and that used a joystick and the joystick was broken. The level design and constant textures with break and the great looking sprites it all just seems out of place. I does go go with retro but then I just fucked up by giving it early retro controls and on top of that the jumping/falling is so inconsistent you could call it a heavy feather. One of the things that really pissed me off was with the falling and reloading of enemies because of how hard it was just to get past the area 2 to the left. That took me OVER AN HOUR to complete. All in all though I would remove that wizard or lower the difficulty significantly. Otherwise this is a well made game and is very respectible on the approach it takes,