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Er, you sure you commented on the right game?

Hell yeah, criticism! This'll be useful.

One thing to note is that the FPS counter in the corner isn't necessarily how often it's rendering frames; Gamemaker's weird and has "fps" and "fps_real"; the former shows the FPS it's running at, and the latter is how many CPU steps per second it's iterating. I use fps_real to see how close to under 60 I'm getting during testing, but I didn't actually convey that to anyone. Whoops!

The menu fade is noted! I thought it was fast enough, but I'll consider an option to disable/speed up UI animations, or just speed it up altogether. Also, those tutorial messages were just kinda last minute, so making them only show once is def. a screw up on my part.

(I fixed the menu buttons triggering on press as well as that crash with pressing Q, as well.)

Overall, thanks for the feedback! It'll be a good reference for what I need to polish next.

Thanks for trying the demo out! Glad you enjoyed it too :D

I KNEW i forgot something. You can actually get out of being stuck in islands with the boat if you just go forward long enough (you slooowly push through them), but I'll have to move the spawnpoint for that one out of that.

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thanks for the feedback! I agree, the controls are kinda...terrible. I'm getting to work on revamping them, so they're more reliant on WASD/Mouse instead.