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oh nw! but other then that, the game was amazing! maybe some more funiture or maybe you can use the bugs for something. maybe for a bigger net? 

oh shit- if you sprint up the hill you can fall off

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Such a great game! Leveling up takes a while, but the process is nice with new experiences on every corner you turn. The pixel graphics are detailed yet simple. Its a well made game with new updates and bug fixes and is great for all ages. When you are level 30(max level at the moment)there are dungeons that you can do with other players and get great armor from. The community is friendly and always there to help when you have questions. The only thing that I would say would be better is that you can't have a conversation with the NPC's. 10/10 game would recommend it to anyone who wants to find a game to play when they are bored or if they want to add some spice to there life!