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Will this game ever get an endless mode?

Okay, this is pretty fair

I want to start by saying that this game is one of the best on itch. I was vaguely aware of the Steam release happening, but all of a sudden the itch version has lost almost all the features that made it so fun. It is weird to me that people who had the game before only have access to the demo now.

Hmm.. Maybe a level where you are kidnapped by the Romans and you have to give them false information?

Epic! I love it and you should continue working on it!

Awesome! I hope to see more in the future but if you end up not being able to make more updates that is fine too! I just think you're really good at creating games and I am probably going to steal your artstyle for game jam 3d games lmao

Some of the solutions to do it 1 bullet are really cool

Every level is possible in exactly one bullet, most levels are possible in zero (like the final level)

Make more levels pls this is so fun


hmmmm if only that was the point of the game

It's been like 5 mins past starting time and the page isn't updating.

Thank you!

is custom music allowed?

i found it. ye