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this is a neat game!! i never thought about vikare and galekh being in the same room before this because i didn't notice they had anything in common, but you found a great way for them to get along. yall rlly sold me on them! both bad ends felt reasonable [im still sad over the long bad end, though i felt like it was still in-character, so it's good sad] The good end was wonderful, that end card was beautiful, and the tune that played over its end-card was really cute!!

sots has been really intruiging so far, i really like it!!  I like the characters' personalities and designs, and what their game-play reveals about them. all the card variations and meanings are fun to think about, thanks for adding some explanations and symbolism about the cards on indiegogo. im eager to play the full game upon it's arrival, good luck and thank you for making it <3

this game was incredibly fun to play!! A lot of the scripts were really funny, especially the labels in the town hall. Sometimes I got stuck on who to trade the items with, but the log information really helped point me in the right direction.All the character designs were also very cute <3

this is super fun, exceptionally varied, and occasionally cryptic in increasingly intruiging ways, which is always a good mix <3

this is super cute!! I love this giant robot house and their caring messages<3