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okidac, here are some autotiles in 3x3 format (animated and single rame). The smooth water animation is included in the first animated autotile for now :

First I need to add that animation in an autotile (for godot and unity) to make it work with borders 

What engine are you using ? Maybe I can help 




Hey boss, nice assets ⚔️

I host a secret Discord for assets artists, wanna join ? We help each other grow, give some itchio tips and feedback.

Drop me a DM on Twitter (@gif_not_jif) if you are interested 🫡

Good day to you !

i can send you the current state of this pack so you can play with :) just hit me a mail at pixelart<dot>asset<at>gmail<dot>com 👍

Hey mate,

Thanks !

Well, it's a long process to make aditionnal weapon and animations. I'm currently focusing on this 1 character pack (soon) with multiple animation, like the one you mentionned. Here is a sample :

Could it match your needs ?


Oops, maybe a mistake on my side. I'm focusing of exporting my assets to Godot v3 and v4 these days, so I'll update this package once I'm done :).

Your game looks cool ! Keep creating !

After inspection : it's an error on my side during the packaging. You are not missing any content since it just the autotiles rearanged in another standard format.

Should be fixed this week :)

Hi pimox,

Your tiles are located here :

  • if you are using RPG Maker :
    • dungeon-pack-full-version/rpgmaker/VXace/tilesets/_srw_dungeon_A1.png.png
    • dungeon-pack-full-version/rpgmaker/MV/tilesets/_srw_dungeon_A1.png.png
    • dungeon-pack-full-version/rpgmaker/MZ/tilesets/_srw_dungeon_A1.png.png
  • if you are using Godot :
    • dungeon-pack-full-version/godot_autotiles/anim_autotile_5.png
    • dungeon-pack-full-version/godot_autotiles/anim_autotile_19.png
    • If needed, I have explained how to use autotiles (single frame) in Godot 4 here : link to an itchio reply

Is it ok for you ? Let me know

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oh my bad, pimox, I'll check that tomorow morning :)

hey spiritjoi :)

I'll take a look at that next week ! Prob a mistake I've made

Yeah, that's how itchio works : if you buy a bundle, you unlock only the packages inside the bundle at that time, not the future additions. However, if you get a particular package, you get its updates for free.

Anyway, thank you for your help, mate :)

It's a recent addition, so you maybe didn't get it when you've bought the collection. Need a download key ?

Hi Bonywa :)

Thanks !

Regarding the river : yes, this is not tiled based. I have used the assets and cut some tiles in thinner slices to give the piece a more natural look.

Hello moots4 :)

Oki, I'm noting this for a future update !


Hey, regardt, please see my reply here : How to use Godot autotiles feature

Hi :)

Here are my steps :

  • Download Godot 4.x (I'm using v4.3.1 for Windows 64b).
  • Create a new sample project for desktop.
  • Create a sample 2D Scene with a tilemap as a child node :


  • In the FileSystem window, drag & drop any godot autotile (.png) you have from my assets collection :

  • In the Tilemap inspector, create a new Tileset :

  • Within the Tileset fields, add a new Terrain with the following options :

  • Now go In the Tileset Tab (should be at the bottom side of the engine window) and drop the autotile.png in it :

  • Select all of the tiles :

  • Go in the "Paint" section, select the options "Terrain Set" + your terrain name and draw the template (in red) as below :

  • FInally, you can go in the Tilemap tab, select your terrain and draw the autotile on the Scene :)

PAINFUL ! I'll see what I can do to make it easier, but it will certainly require Godot to first release an Assets Store so I could package and deliver the autotiles myself :)

PS : this video helps me with the setup : Tilemap and Autotile in 5 minutes | Tiles/Pattern/Terrains in Godot 4 - YouTube

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Oh mb, friend, I didn't check yet. I note that for tomorow

Hey theo,

Unfortunately no, that's not on my roadmap.

okidoki ! I'll send you a mail soon (you can remove it from your post to avoid spam now 👍)

Hey LegendMaker :)

Oh, you mean the top banner ? It is not included in any pack but I can send you the original .png if you need it ☺️👍

Thank you for all of the support and the multiple suggestions ! I'm currently working on an animal package but will definitely reach new environments after that !

Good question, I'll experiment this week and update packages accordingly 👍

oki I'll see what I can do :)

It's oki, just send me a message at pixelart<dot >asset< at >gmail<dot> com and I'll send you a download key for the Unity package.

hey Sparklmonkey :)

The unity package has been moved to the Unity Assets Store as a separated pack. Do you need it ? 

Link :

I think waterfalls are located in godot/ folder of this current pack (dungeon-pack) and in rpgmaker/ folder.

I'll check this weekend and fix it if necessary 👍

Have fun 🥰 !


I'm fine :)

sure, do you need something specific ?

Well, I'm sorry if you feel that way regarding the full bundle.  Grass is (mostly) light green and should match many scenarios. Do you mind sharing the tiles you are talking about ? Maybe I missing the point.

will do next week :)

with pleasure !

<3 Thank you !