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Great sprite :)

lmao nice frog !

Hi Sin_Remover !

Thank you for your support :).

Oh that's right, well if you mention our Twitter name (@gif_not_jif and @Noiracide) in your credits, that will do 🥰👍.

yes :) have fun !

Hello vishwajeet :) !

You can use those assets commercially, yes ! They'll stay free, don't worry (I'll edit the description in this direction).

You can credit me by mentionning my name ("Gif") with a contact such as my itch page (Gif - or my Twitter page (Gif (@gif_not_jif) / Twitter). 

Anyway, you are 100% safe :D !

Great, another one !



You can use those in a commercial project, just credit me ^_^ !

Nice pack :)

Hello Arufonsu :)

Which version of RM are you using ? VX maybe ?

Hello Cherry :)

If you want to play a game made with those assets, check this Twitter :

yeah, with Rpg maker it's pretty weird indeed. Even the cryptographic functionnality is a joke :(

Hello korytoombs !

Yeah, unfortunately, I'm aware of this issue. The solution was to scanline all the assets to prevent a decent usage of them by thieves. Moreover, not all of my assets are available in this demo (mostly because of this rip issue, indeed).

Since this demo is quite small, I probably won't change the game engine or the solution behind to fix that :).

Thanks for your analyse anyway !

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Great ! High resolution tiles and a lot of variety, everyone should get it :)

A bundle maybe ?

As always, great quality content ! 😇

Hello Macken :)

Thank you a lot for your support :) !

I didn't create an unity package for each of my packs, sorry about that (I'm lazy). Moreover, some unity package (as for the Exterior pack) may not be up to date, indeed.

What you can do : don't use the unity package (which is just the asset_16x.png imported, sliced and put into a tile palette). You can import the atlas_16x.png yourself (it's up to date for each pack), if you are used to.

What I'll do : remove the unity package in each pack and provide a tutorial to import Super Retro World assets in unity.

In the near future : I want to build one big unity package and sell it on the unity asset store as well.

Sorry for this inconvenent, my friend.

Great pack ! Nice to see you keep on going with this Dark collection :)

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Hello :) 

We have a set of bundles (in addition of the complete one). Please check my profile to see if it matches your needs.

Have a good day !

They look really good, great job !

This look so coool 😳😳 !

GUI is exactly the kind of content which is difficult to create by yourself, great pack !

Nice work ! Maybe a bit expensive (in my opinion) for such resolution and frame quantity, but great content overhall.

Yeah, a new pack released :D ! Congratz !

Why does this pack contain sprites and props from the Pokemon Rangers game serie ?

By definition it would be impossible to use those commercially (or even distribute them).  

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Stairs and trees are pretty well rendered !

Btw, you could save your screenshots as .jpeg to not be force to add an anti-theft layer on top of them.

How about more biomes and variability ? Anyway, that's a great start :)

Thanks, Dannflower :) !

More to come soon !

Haha :) no worries. Keep working on your project, you've got this !

Nice, you should add them to your page :)

Looks great, any screenshot to see how it would render :) ?



It's illegal to post winter stuff before October the 31th lol :D

Well done !

no problemo, have a good day !

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Hello Blue_128,

You can use those assets in many engines such as Unity, Gamemaker, Godot or Rpg Maker :)

Great collection :) !

Hello Ryarod :)

Each of the Super Retro World asset pack you buy / download can be used for commercial game.

The current demo uses also Super Retro World assets, but with scanlines, as they can't be used anywhere else.

Have a good day !

I love that you've used a dummy to demonstrate the animation effect lol

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Looks great, well done :). Animated tile are a nice touch.

More to come, maybe ?