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Hello Breloom :)

Common animated sprites and/or terrain tiles is my take to allow users to have more content with only one pack. The resulting duplication accross the collection is compensate with bundles prices. Moreover, tile count is only the atlas size, so it doesn't take animated sprites frames into account.

Good idea to show the animated crops, I'll work on that !

PS : I like this fire camp so I put it everywhere haha

Thanks !

Okidac I'm taking that into account and will start to work on it this weekend

Absolutely, on a weekly basic I hope for now :)

Any suggestion ?

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Hello ahoba :)

I have updated the "content" section with the following :

  • Farming environments for your RPG games 
  • Tiles count : ~400(16x16)
  • Animated crops : tomato (with variations), pepper, pumpkin, radish, wheat, carrot, high grass.
  • Characters : male & female (w/o hat)
  • Character animation (4 directions, 3 frames) : idle, walk, shovel, hoe, watering
  • Autotiles animated water + waterfall + roads and terrain (24 autotiles, 2x2 Godot format)
  • Animated chests, doors, campfire
  • Divers icons
  • Tilesets ready for RPG Maker

Weekly updates are coming, any desire ?

It will, probably end of the week ☺️

Yes, next pack in a few weeks ☺️👍

Absolutely 👍

Hi Xiong-yp !

Yes it will, in the next update (problably by the end of the week) 👍

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Hey Afsan ! Oh, it seems like you miss this launch indeed. 

I believe you can't access it since you've bought the complete bundle before this launch + this current pack has free and additionnal paid content. That's how itchio works I think.

Don't worry tho I'm launching a nice sale for a week so everyone can get the pack easily 👍 Is it ok for you ?

Thanks Chaokai !

I'll make more, for sure.


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Farm assets were lacking in this collection. I'll keep on going with farming animals and more in my next pack :)

Yes that's the same here and on the Uniry store 🙂. Ofc there are some small differences as things evolved over time but that's minor. You'll find all of the oriental content within the Unity package (everything is in one BIG tilepalette tho so... well... you'll may have to look for a bit to find lol). Don't hesitate to ask if you feel stuck and I *love* unity reviews if you have the time to write one haha 🫡


yeah no problemo mate, the png can be used in other engines 🙂👍

Hello Dodonatien,

No updates schedule yet, but I can work on such animation, yes 😇

The professional 🫡

It's live :)

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I'll take a look today, what seems to be the issue ?

EDIT : ah yes lol I'm stupid it should be splitted into 4 parts. It will be fixed in the next update tonight.

That was a wip of a potential futur pack, yes. This is on hold while I work on other things such as : farming pack, unity updates, users requests and remake my itchio HTML pages ☺️.

haha true ! I saw that yesterday, will be fixed soon. Thank you :) !


hey mate :)

Yeah no worries, I just have to set the bundle dates manually each week 👍

Hey friend :) okidac I'll plan some this week !

Hello CoderEli,

The free version contains 3 characters in the spritesheet "free_character_1-3.png" (also available in the rpgmaker/ folder under the name "_srw_free_character_1-3.png").

Icons are indeed common to many free packs.

Fixed with today's update :)

(tilesets have been resized + pink color background for import in vxace)

oh ? Well it's just something I need to fix :) I'll take a look at that tomorow, thanks for noticing 👍

Yeah no worries about licences, you'll be fine with download keys. I'll probably make the free version "non-commercial only" but the download key grants you access to the full version anyway.

Regarding Characters : the characters pack with be converted to free + paid version this week (I hope this wednesday, but maybe this weekend). I'll let you know when it's done either way.


Haha I didn't realised. Okidac mate :)

Itchio doesn't have such functionnality, unfortunately. Twitter ? Just send me a mail directly overwise

Yes, you can see some of the sheets in the screenshots 👍

Every rpg maker version can do that kind of game 🤓. They have just differences in layer managements, resolution and some event options. They also have different scripts langage (vxace : Ruby, mv/mz : Javascript).

You can event use rpg maker 2003 or xp if you are short in cash.

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Hey mate,

Dungeon/exterior/overworld pack have now a bunch of stuff for free in their respective rpgmaker/vxace/ packages. Right now just ~20/30% of the content is free I believe. Let me know how you feel about that and I'll adapt it 

I update my packs regularly so you can expect evolutions if you still feel that a bad move from me 👍.

As a reminder too : you can always send me a mail if you are short in cash. I'll send you download keys 🫡

I see :) well I'm sorry you hit a wall when downloading my free pack. I'm updating my assets regularly and making some of them free is a recent feature actually.

Send me a mail at pixelart.asset <a> so I can give you a bunch of pack keys 👍 

Yeah mate I get what you are looking for. Well, as I said, rpgmaker subfolder content will have some free assets (that was an error). Should be fixed today btw.

If you need to give it a try with the full version I can send you a download key 👍. Which engine are you using ?

Yeah I'll fix for every pack that have this process 👍. The free part at least should be available, maybe one autotile sheet too, I'll see.

Btw,  removing the scanline is considered pirating.

Hey FlandreScarlet64,

Well that's how I manage my projects on itchio (free + paid version). I can always rename the free zip package tho.

I get it could be frustrating but that's also a way, as a potential buyer, to see how much content you'll get with the paid version.

Moreover, I'll fix the overlay for rpgmaker this week since it censors too much content I believe 🤔.

If you need a download key, no problemo, just send me a mail at pixelart.asset < at> gmail <dot> com, I'll be happy to help 👍

Hello Rorikingames :)

Ah ! Some legacy tiles may have been replaced, yes. What tiles would you like to be added ?

Hello mpackes :)

Thank you for your support !

Tiles are 16x16 in size by default. However,  They are scaled up for rpgmaker softwares :

  • VXace : scale x2 (32x32 tile size) in /rpgmaker/vxace/tilesets
    • Maybe that's a good start for you there.
  • MV/MZ : scale x3 (48x48 tile size)

Let me know if it's ok for you 👍

Hi Agente1902 :)

Thank you, enjoy !