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Great concept and fun. The AI works well, but can be annoying at times since the red and greens runs always run away.

No problem.

Beautiful art! I'm not sure how to start, though...

The game is fun! The respawn time is a bit high for a rage game, though.

Cool concept. I'm excited to see where it goes!

Fun if you're a chess fan (like me!)

Fun game! It's quite addictive... 😳

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*Five minute review*

Neat game! I like what you're getting at and am impressed with your work!


- Music, fast paced movement, satisfying kill changes

Could be improved:

- Impossible to outjuke enemies if overwhelmed

- Annoying to manuever around the map vertically

- Goal for the game not clearly defined at beginning

Good job, and good luck on your future endeavors!

- Art style, music, aesthetic, sound effects

Could be improved:
- Movement jams up sometimes
- Confusing on where to go / what the point is at the beginning

Good job, and good luck on your future endeavors!

The game runs smoothly and works like a charm! You've got a cute art style and the tried-and-true fun gameplay of auto-battlers. I also appreciate you having the browser option.

Constructive criticism:
- Power creep starts happening a bit too quickly
- Some sound effects/music could really enhance the game
- Obvious point--you essentially have infinite money since everything's so cheap

Fun! Though I did get annoyed a bit on what felt like too many unfair hits...

Fun concept. Simple and effective. That being said, its a bit too easy to get softlocked early on since its not immediately clear how turns only progress when you buy buildings (and not when you reroll, kill, or clear).

Fun, original concept. The controls are tight, the puzzles are interesting, and the music fits. Great job!


Fun game! Also very addictive...

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the feedback. That'd be a good idea.

I really enjoyed this fresh take on the theme! The idea itself is rock solid and execution is sufficient to make this an enjoyable experience.  The map feels well fleshed out with many different branching pathways taking you to different adventures. It makes things feel new and like I'm paving my own original path. Swell job!


If this is your first game, I'm certain you'll be going places! Keep up the good work!!!

Great art and fun sounds. It's a neat game.

Woah. This is as super original, majorly fun game. I've never seen a game like this! The idea is solid. The platforming is crisp. And, its straight to the point without many glitches. I expect this game to be rated quite highly!!!

Fun concept! Its a bit glitchy, though.

Extremely cute artstyle. Excellent work for your first game jam!

Good, clean fun.

This is a nice, well-balanced game. Its fun, of course, and it just seems to have an X factor that many games are missing. Good job.

Looks spectacular and is very cute. However, it's kind of annoying to control. Good job on this guy.

This game is addictive and fun. Lots of respect on this game.

The game is beautiful and well-polished. However, there isn't much game, yet, unfortunately. I'll be looking forward to a full release! Keep at it.

This is well flesh-out, fun game with snappy controls. My best is 164.

The first few levels are fun, but unfortunately it starts to get laggy and hard to control. I had particular trouble with the long jump into the narrow hole. The concept is very original, though.

Extremely well polished. This game is simple but complete, and I respect it a lot for that. Good job.

The game is simple in gameplay. Where this game really shines is the music in combination with the lazy customers throwing questions at you while you frantically search for the produce you need. One improvement I would make would be to increase the timer since I was losing much more often than I'd like...

Overall a solid game. Easy to pick up, gameplay is functional, and there's significant replayability. My favorite ghost was the buff ghost (because he's by far the best), and my high score was 99.58s.

Looks great and is polished nicely. The gameplay could be explored a bit further, but overall the game is quite charming.

nice game boss. I really got gotten with the twist there.