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yeah using the screen clear makes a lot more sense in hindsight i had no idea how to activate it


pretty sure this would be the one you're missing

completely forgot about the slide
using it while you're not at top speed makes it almost completely useless because it doesn't kill enemies anymore and you also can't exit out of it, which im pretty sure makes the swamp level impossible to clear without getting hit because of the room with a banana enemy that doesn't stop dashing with no way to go around him

this is a pretty good fangame and the more linear areas work pretty well, but the physics feel a bit off
pizzelle feels pretty nice to control at top speed but the more linear areas make it difficult to gain enough speed to break iron blocks or start a wall run, often requiring you to go to the very start of the room
making the grab more like the sage demos where it can be used to gain lots of speed in an enclosed space instead of the flip in an unchangeable arc, and or giving pizzelle a bit more acceleration would probably make the levels flow a lot better

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great game but you forgot direction fix on the one button in the wacky rainbow pyramid so it's literally unplayable

not sure what the formula for each skill is but all of them besides the one that lights enemies on fire seemed weaker than my normal attack
(for reference i had the sword equipped)


not sure if anyone has mentioned this but whenever there's a pause in text the portrait's mouth stops moving with the dialogue, also I think this character doesn't have direction fix on