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I really like the art and writing! The core gameplay was also fun to play. However, there's room for improvement in the presentation that I hope you'll consider!

The bullet hell is fine, but there needs to be better audio/visual feedback. The sound of my bullet hitting enemies should be much more clear and distinct. What I hear in this current build sounds faint and dull. There also needs to be visual effects that indicate the bullet landed a hit. This was most apparent in the boss fight. Bright sparks and impact aren't just cosmetic, they're essential to communicate that damage is dealt.

The visual novel scenes were great here. Witty humor, clean & distinct character art, sound design for the dialogue box is nice too. Although the slide show-esque cuts makes them feel a bit cheap. I suggest at least some minimal movement and transitions. Fading in/out, tweening the images a bit that have energetic emotes, etc.

Overall, despite my comments, I still like what I played here! The build itself is some of the best in terms of art and technical polish.

One of the best games I ever played on this site. It says a lot about nurturing relationships with others while managing your own needs and urges. Not sure if that was an intent, but I think this game did a good job illustrating that.