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Also I Would love to see the next installment of the nightmare file, for a first game this was really good.  

Nice game.  I love this type of art style and it was quite suspenseful0.  How do you get the depths of hell achievement?  

Brilliant, I look forward to the full release.  

Such a super weird game, but it all the good ways. I love the originality and unpredictability.  An amazing little game, well done, I look forward to seeing more from you :) 

Very nice.  Great ambiance and art style.  I do have a question though regarding endings. 

Potential spoiler below.

Is there any way to survive?  I got three endings.  

Killed by a truck trying to go back to the road.

KIlled by the loonie with his machette.  

Killed by the loonie in a cut scene by the door.

Great game, like the majority of the other comments I loved the art style and wish it was longer.  I look forward to seeing what else you put out in the future!  (Same comment I left on the scream jam 2023 page)

Great game, like the majority of the other comments I loved the art style and wish it was longer.  I look forward to seeing what else you put out in the future!  

Cool game man, good work.  I managed to get all the notes in the forest but died when I walked into the scare crow!  haha.   

Well written and executed game, very enjoyable.  I think this is your best work to date IMO, well done you set the bar high.

I'm a huge fan of these late shift worker horror games.  Gas stations, laundromats, Video stores, burger joints, what ever, I love em.  This one was really well executed.  Great story and kept me on edge the entire time :)  I look forward to seeing more for your games in the future.

Really cool game. Looks like you have developed a really good starting point to make this into a great game.  I look forward to seeing more of it.  

This game is really enjoyable.  I love the art style and the story is well written and executed.  Excellent work :)  

Nice video !

I'm sure I will.  You should give everyone who leave a comment early access :D

Looks good, cant wait for the release :D

Pretty interesting game which I enjoyed playing.  I think you had a good mixture of tasks vs story events, moving the boxes was not too mundane.  

Well written notes and story line.  I look forward to future games from you.

Good review, it's actually quite hard for most of us to criticize some ones work  and I feel this is lacking on  Constructive criticism is the only way you can help improve some ones work.   

I haven't played this game yet but I will.  I can relate to your comments in general about the overuse of jump scares in indie horror.  I can also relate to the lack of story and logic in lots of indie games.  However, as said, I will give this game a go it sounds pretty good from the devs comments (except the loud jump scares lol)

Well done getting through the game.  I believe (from experience playing the game) that the light section is completely random.  I couldn't find any pattern.  I'm sure the dev will correct this soon :)  

A very enjoyable game.  I love the premise  of this game.  I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find the and defeat the "wolf" for lack of a better word.  No success yet but im enjoying it :)  Thanks for making and sharing this game.  

Good game.  You nailed all the horror elements, darkness, suspense and atmosphere.  Well done.  

Nice playthrough as always.  Hard to imagine this game was made in just 72 hours. 

Good work on making this game I found it quite enjoyable.  I also liked the video you shared about making the game.  I could not escape the spider monster, is there a way to escape it?  

Really good game.  Very suspenseful and unpredictable I loved it to the end.

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Nice enjoyable games.  Sufficiently depressing and dark, but that's to be expected from horror.  I look forward to seeing more!!!!

P.S I wont be complaining about Christmas dinner again :P 

Nice.  I enjoyed the main part around the house.  Not too much a fan of the maze parts but that just me.  All in all another great game :)  Keep em coming.

I enjoyed this game heaps.  I would rated it as one of your better games to date IMO.  Keep the classics rolling on :) 

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Great game, I had a lot of fun playing through it.  I love the art and graphics. I look forward to seeing more from you. Thanks for making.  PS the red eyes make a nice effect and the monster is pretty awesome!

Short but pretty cool.  I would love to see some more development around this game or a similar styled one.  

Nice work :)  Really builds well on top of the demo.  

Such a cute game.  I really liked it.  Well done :)  Love the bird animations !

Nice work, I liked the way the story played out.  Very clever and original story line.  Keep up the good work :) 

Nice.  Thanks for letting me know.  I'll check it out!

I don't normally play this style of game but really enjoyed this one.  Great story which was well executed.  Good work :) 

Such a weird game.  I did enjoy it though :)  Thanks for making it!

Nice game, I quite enjoyed it.  I'm a huge fan of these short  PSX style games especially when there are set in a hotel/motel or gas station.  (For some unknown reason).  I would love to see you build on this game perhaps adding a bit more story to it.  I look forward to seeing more games from you in the future.   

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I love these night shift working alone games.  I like the way the game gets straight into it as well opposed to being required to serve several customers and  complete a few tasks.  The paranormal/monster encounters are well executed as well, not cheap and not obvious.  The direction the game was going me guessing until the end, I really couldn't predict a thing lol.  Thanks for making it was a real pleasure to play :)  

Thanks for the kind words.  I added the video to the comment once I completed the game.

Thanks for the reply.  I hope you have time to  put out a Halloween game, I will certainly give it a go :)