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Yes Settlers is a direct inspiration for this game.

It’s a bug. Unfortunately it won’t be fixed for some time since I’m in the process of rewriting the whole game.

F1 will display some helpful advices

There's actually a bug: pressing d is not working. Will be fixed in next version.

Yes it’s ‘d’. The ruins will disappear some time after your peasants picked up its remaining resources. But they maybe are occupied otherwise. Check the population tab to see how many are idle.

I’m considering/experimenting with it. Don’t expect it until several releases though.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into those crashes.

Thanks for the feedback. Can you file an issue  here ?

You can pick a larger font in the settings menu

You can pick a larger font in the option menu.

Hi. You can destroy a building by selecting it and hitting ‘d’.

Thanks. A new version is coming with an option menu where you will be able to choose a larger font.