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Um, I am kinda confused.

How do I download the file for Windows without a download?

I guess I can play it in-browser, but I do prefer to download, and a download option was mentioned.

It's fine if there is no download option, but...

Eh, it worked ~now~...

Stupid internet connection.

I might be late, but I'd really, really love having the chance to play this game.

But the download seems to not be working for me?

Aw, this game is warm tea and cats purring and fierce affirmations that are actually relatable and I just can't...

The whole journey, and how it restarts, it so perfectly encapsulates living with depression.

(PS: I think you might have confused "quiet" with "quite" at the third dark room, second key-like thingy. Or not, not a native English speaker here.)

"keysmash girlfriend who cherishes JSTOR"

Ah, I feel called out. In the best way.

"crime girlfriend who loves beginnings, flying high

crime girlfriend who loves you! :~D"

Aw, she sounds perfect already.

dear a friend,

I really liked your eye.

Although it made my footless dragon thingy look terrible in comparison.

In-Game name is Lils.

Fuck you for making me cry.

No, really, thank you for doing that.