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hi satvarsh, it's out now on steam!

Hi, yes. Right now we're focused on the main game release on Steam, which launches on February 26th, and comes with a new editor version. We'll update the free editor most likely the following month.

yup, there will be! and thank you, early access coming soon

Amazing game!! I love everything about it; gameplay, graphics, humor and story. Also, bubby

Yes, exactly :D

Congratulations! Those 4 samurai are grateful for your service =)

hi, it's disabled for this free version, sorry!


Hi, thank you for the kind words! We are still working on Workshop support for Steam (it's in beta there). After we launch that, we will think options on how we can make some kind of workshop and editor for mobile.

Hi! You can also download the Itch app ( that works like Steam, it manages your downloaded games and updates them automatically.

Hi, go to the Level Editor portal that is on the left part on the level select. In the level editor, click on the tab located at the top, then click Open and open the level you want to play. If you want to find custom levels, you can visit the game's discord (shared with our other game, Rhythm Doctor):

Unity, the game engine we use, only supports building for 64-bit macOS. If your mac is from 2012 onwards, it should work with this. Maybe you're having a different problem. Download the latest version and let me know if it's still showing a black screen! Thank you.

We just updated it!

hi, which old version?

(2 edits)

1. Save your level.
2. Go to the "Sounds" tab (you should be there already, or you can press 1 to go there).
3. Click on the timeline grid to create an event. A menu will appear, click "Play Song".
4. Click on the folder button and look for the music file you want to use for the level.
5. That's it! Rewind and click the Play button.

You can also follow this tutorial:

we just updated it, you can download it now!

Hi! Could you send me an email to I think i could help you solve your problem, thanks!

Você quer ter acesso ao editor de níveis? você pode baixar ele no nosso servidor do discord:

Não, na verdade eu sou um dos desenvolvedores, se você estiver interessado em falar com outras pessoas que falam português experimente entrar em nosso servidor no Discord ( Lá você pode experimentar níveis customizados pela comunidade.

Oi, obrigado pelas palavras gentis! O jogo vai ter o preço de 15 usd, mas se você é do brasil, o preço vai ser provavelmente a metade devido ao sistema de preço regional.

thanks Ghastly!

Hi lolkobe, thank you for your preference!

Mac support please!

The game is now on Greenlight =D!

Could you export the demo to mac please?

Fast paced and challenging game, try it!