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gianna marie

A member registered Feb 19, 2018

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Keeps freezing, i can't do much. Maybe it' just my computer?

I have not finished the game yet, though I really enjoy it. 

It randomly crashed, forcing me to start over after the third battle, and after the second, as I am in town, I get this error screen whenever I try to enter the shop.

Just to let you as the developer know. 

Thanks so amazing. What talent.

There are some spelling errors that could be fixed in a newer update :)

I can't open the application on Windows

Aww it was shorter than I expected but so cute!!

Is there any sound? I'm not getting any.

The art is gorgeous.. is it all original? The music is so calming, I could fall asleep to it happily.

Very cute, thanks for making it.

It was short and cute. Cute story, adorable art.