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oh! that explains it then. I'm usually the problem when it comes to tech stuff 馃槄 thank you!! Love your games so much! :D

playing this now! it's really fun. I signed up for the newsletter so I could get some different quests but so far haven't gotten any D: I might try a different email and see if that works instead. Either way, I love all the expansions that I've played so far.

thank you!! it's not super pressing, the fonts provided are lovely! I was just curious. I appreciate your response and the work you've put into this program <3

I love this program a lot! I was super curious to try it even though I write my first drafts by hand. (I got two of the theme packs as well because I couldn't help myself, they were so beautiful.) It's really great! Even when I'm writing in my notebook I have this pulled up for the soundscapes and background, and when I am typing I really enjoy the clicky-clack sounds we can add to our typing. I have also been raving to all of my friends about it lol.

One question, I was wondering if there is a way to install our own fonts that I may have missed? Either way, thank you for your time! This program is wonderful and I'm really glad I downloaded it!! <3

What a cute game! I can't wait to find some robots to submit! I also like that it's a solo game that doesn't require too much effort to play--just find a robot, roll the dice, and fill out the little form to submit to the catalogue! Adorable.

Yesss, I love all the expansions and little extras. So excited for this one!

Having so much fun with this expansion! Can't wait to try out the others with my current game/character 馃グ馃挍