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Big fan of this

Its seems like it wasn't exported? The files for the game were uploaded instead

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Honestly, pretty fun! There were a few things that bugged me though:

If you hit any workers in the cave (even the dead one) they immediately T-Pose.

The hitboxes are no very good. I don't know if this was a design choice but either way it is not fun to have to stand right next to an enemy to hit them.

All of the weapons feel the same.

However, there were also really good things:

I kind of liked the music, it really lent itself to the adventure feel of the game while not being intrusive..

The stylised graphics are really good.

The puzzles are pretty fun!

The grappling hook is the best feature put in any game ever. With some more building on it it could be perfect.

The gameplay, other than what was stated, is really good! Moving around feels fun!

Overall, a really fun game. I will check up on it again. 

Pretty fun  strategy game! I 100% reccomend!