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I am so excited!! been here since the beginning!!


Thank you, i hope you guys make more games in the future.

i never thought french class would come in handy for this kinda stuff...super great game! If you are looking for a translator i would be more than happy to do it for free.

haven't played yet, so if this is a stupid question: sorry! I wanted to ask if Frankie was our instrument and if this has multiple love interest...just wanna see so i don't get disappointed if i can't date one of the characters. 

are all the routes finished? (i mean besides keisuke cause i know he is not)

or only sissel and owen?

does philip have a scene before day 9

oh i get it, of course. Just wondering if you have suddenly just stopped or retired.

are you working on other games yet?

are you still replaying to comments so i can ask you a question?



 May is here!!!

The work paid off it looks really beautiful!

oh okay! so excited!

I already played everything it was so good! i was asking if the story "nusantara: Beruda triangle" correlates with the story "Nusantara: legend of the wing ones" or are they 2 different stories

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oh yay i am excited! but i do wanna ask does this have any thing to do with your other work "Nusantara: legend of the wing ones" I have not download the game waiting for it to be complete so i don't know

How many chapters will there be?

Yep in short you click the arrow one at a time and wait and then click the next arrow in the pattern !

how many chapters will there be?

I agree

do not worry i an slow too  ; v ;

yes definitively 

I hope  it isn't too expensive though

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I only got 3 ending which is "full timer", "runaways", and "back home'' ! kinda hard to figure out the other ones! hope to figure them all out because this is an amazing game that I will most definitely recommend to my friends the art style is so cute I kinda thought Marion was a girl but then is a b x b and saw she was the main character is there an ending for Sylvester?

oh okay i will be waiting 

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oh yay just saw your message i saw no updates and worried but thank goodness when is the full game gonna be out?

hey are you still working on this?

can't wait

thanks for telling me it helped.

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yay i'm so excited!!!!! will you be working on one this year? and will use your OC or will you use other characters?

oh and i'll just go with 14 cause that's what i thought before

Just finished the game, the art style fitted perfectly with the story and was absolutely beautiful and you can tell the hard work put in the art. The story was really cute, this is a smart  way to tell it about cute young love. I haven't gotten all the endings but the first time i got the perfect ending it was really perfect....I hope do more projects like this....maybe even ones about fairy tales like this one.

also how old are the characters alex and red?

the one with the wolf plushie..if so, i already tried that. But i will TRY AGAIN! 

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are you gonna work on anymore VNs?

Wheres the book in the first part of the game, i am having some trouble finding it!

I finished the game took a while to figure out all the endings but it was fun til the very end.

I think it should be water beat earth ,  earth beats fire , wind beats water , fire beats wind.

oh ok i was thinking that was the reason, the DDR  was really confusing cause i thought you had to press all of them at the same time instead of click the arrow and wait to click the next arrow after that, but i got it after almost half an hour of failing .