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Hey! can someone please explain Luca's situation for me, idk if I was reading too fast but I don't 100%  get why he disappeared.

lol XD I'm glad!!! hope it was amazing!!! *hugs!!!* 


Thank you sm for the link and the tips!!!

Does anyone know when the guides are gonna be out? T-T

OFCC! LOL I'm sure it will be just as good, and can't wait for the webcomic!!

OH! okay thank you so much! SO glad you didn't abandon it! Any ore projects coming in the future?

OMG THE GAME IS OUT!! AHH! I remember in summer of last year I thought this game was abandoned T0T I'm so glad it's not!!!

YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!!! AHHH THAT'S SO EXCITING! honestly that whole situation seems stressful, glad you were able to get everything situated. I thought you were rlly young too (17-19)so didn't know you were engaged!  LOL 

ofcc! You're doing great!!

AHH!! I came back into and I'm so glad to see you're still working on the game T-T I'm so happy, I can't wait for the full game!! You're doing amazing!! I read the first demo in 9th grade and now I'm in 11th, time goes by fast! By any chance is there only one person working on this game cause that would be soo impressive!!!

might be too much to implement, but I wouldn't know lol

OFC!! It's so exciting!!! <3 Just imagine the day you'll finish, it'll be so satisfying.

I haven't been here in months and look how much progress you've done!! I'm so proud of you! good job!

I am so excited!! been here since the beginning!!


Thank you, i hope you guys make more games in the future.

i never thought french class would come in handy for this kinda stuff...super great game! If you are looking for a translator i would be more than happy to do it for free.

haven't played yet, so if this is a stupid question: sorry! I wanted to ask if Frankie was our instrument and if this has multiple love interest...just wanna see so i don't get disappointed if i can't date one of the characters. 

are all the routes finished? (i mean besides keisuke cause i know he is not)

or only sissel and owen?

does philip have a scene before day 9

oh i get it, of course. Just wondering if you have suddenly just stopped or retired.

are you working on other games yet?

are you still replaying to comments so i can ask you a question?



 May is here!!!

The work paid off it looks really beautiful!

oh okay! so excited!

I already played everything it was so good! i was asking if the story "nusantara: Beruda triangle" correlates with the story "Nusantara: legend of the wing ones" or are they 2 different stories

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oh yay i am excited! but i do wanna ask does this have any thing to do with your other work "Nusantara: legend of the wing ones" I have not download the game waiting for it to be complete so i don't know

How many chapters will there be?

Yep in short you click the arrow one at a time and wait and then click the next arrow in the pattern !

how many chapters will there be?