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Ah. Alright thank you for letting me know that I wasn't actually hit with a bug for once, If there is a bug in something I'm almost always unlucky enough to come up against it! I guess the ending seemed a little abrupt, and potentially deadly, to me and since I'd just read about a problem that others had with that encounter (while trying to find out if I was just flat out doing something wrong)  I assumed the usual had happened again. Good to know the issue this time was only me being a twit!

Sorry to say so but I downloaded this yesterday and I appear to be getting the bug that prevents you getting past the assassin encounter. It doesn't appear to matter what I say or do, whether I have the explosives, or how high my intelligence and/or combat skills are nor even the magic skills of any of the princes. I always get the ending where you collapse after catching the mage with Garion and his men and the game says that's the end of the demo.