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Love the story Az...Hope you'll make a subscriber star page..would love to support but not a fan of patreon...If not maybee try Steam!!

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Thnx, i'll be on it!!

Kinney..I'd love to see you on subscriber star..I dont use patreon.

anychance you will use subscriber star or by me a coffee ...would love to support you ..but not a fan of patreon due to its censorship policy...

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anychance you will use subscriber star or by me a coffee ...would love to support you ..but not a fan of patreon due to its censorship policy...

Thank you very much for posting status on the game..  I am eagerly awaiting the continuation of your amazing story!

Awesome!  keep up the great work, Looking forward to it.

If you enjoyed Acting lessons, Melody, or  Haley's Story  you will love this game.  Writing and renders are top notch.  This game when completed will be one of the best this year!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this game!

Another awsome update keep up the outstanding work!!  TY

Awsome update!  keep up the great work!

Very well written and engaging so far.  Visuals are well done!  Looking foreward to see this develop.

1 downfall that is just my opinion is the MC 15 inch cock which for me just jars you out of the narrative and the pleasant visuals.  

Keep up the great work! Liking it so far, will definately watch this

Great game , Wondering is this game completed or are both this and panacea being devolped together?   TY

Great game both story and visuals.  Enjoyed it as much as Sisterly Lust!

Hopefully it will come to STEAM when finished!!

Wow rarely does a AVN grab my attention so quickly.  Great writing and visuals so far cant wait to see this devolop!!!

Very well done so far,  Good Interesting, emotional story,  Deep Char's.  Looking foreward to seeing more!! 

Awsome story, Awsome looking Char's,  Cant wait for the completion!!

As someone who spent this entire lockdown turning to adult visual novels due to a lack of good rpg's avail.

This game has one of the best stories, Uniqe characters,

and fresh looking art.  The fact you can play both male or female MC is also refreshing!  Cant wait for completion!!

This looks very good, enjoyed the part that is avail. Will def keep an eye on this title!

I Have Sisterly Lust and Duel Family on Steam, both with a large fanbase as well.  Im glad to see Steam's adult library growing this past year and am really hopeing more quality adult game devolpers will look at this as a viable and finacialy rewarding avenue.  For the player i like having all games in one App.

Very well written and enjoyable.  The humor was the first thing that really sets the writing apart and very well done.  Looking foreward to the completion of this game!  Hopefully when completed it will be put on Steam!!

Well  done !! Have Sisterly Lust on Steam,  This looks like it will be just as enjoyable.  Cant wait to see it to completion!!  Will watch forr this on Steam also.

Very well written and produced!  I truely enjoyed my time with the game looking foreward to seeing more as it devolops

Very enjoyable, cant wait to see this to completion.  Well done so far.

This will be one of the genre defining games!  cant wait. 

I Really enjoy the story and presentation of the game but unfortunately its very short, and incomplete. ( The paid Version)  I really hope that updates and devolpment are forthcoming.