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Wow that's wierd...I'm sorry but i can't really help you with that.The only thing i can suggest is updating your drivers and hoping for the best.

I'm using a grip event.

I didn't know you are using a vive.I don't own a vive so i can't do any testing with it and i made the game for the rift.Try using a rift emulator like "Revive".

The vertical alignment thing is because the player height is locked at 1.80m.I've added an option to adjust it in the settings menu.It will be in the next update and then you should be able to play it properly! As for opening doors, you just have to grab them and they will open/close completely.Feel free to suggest features, ask me stuff and report bugs at any time!

Thanks for telling me! I totally forgot about the player height thing :)

i've been playing around with sliding locomotion but it seems to cause dizzyness so i think a teleport system is still a bit better. As for rotation, i've made it so that the left stick can be used for rotating in 15° steps and 180° turns. In the next update there will be gameplay options that allow you to change the size of the rotation steps as well as showing how the controls work. I might also change it to rotate smoothly instead of using steps. I'll just have to do some testing and playing around.

Hey,thanks for your input!

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the movement system?