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Ghost Meets Cat

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Sorry for the trouble :( Sony's controllers don't play nicely with some Operating Systems. XB1 is preferable but here's a guide to help get drivers configured for a dual shock:

The description in your "inspiration" section pretty much perfectly sums up what I've been feeling lately. Thank you for helping keep these games alive.

Interesting little platformer. I like the circular rotating levels. I streamed every 4fun jam submission if you wanna check out the vod while it's up:

I really like the concept of a farming game where your crops only grow when your character moves. I feel like that idea could be expanded on. Nice work! Here's the VOD of the jam stream I did: which will be up for the next few days.

Most frantic farming game I've played. Nice work! I streamed every jam submission if you're interested in checking it out

Plant Girl community · Created a new topic Twitch VOD

I thoroughly enjoyed this! It was really relaxing and I got pretty addicted to the exponential money growth. Here's the VOD for the jam stream I did:

Thanks! I was sort of going for Dwarf Fortress meets the blue screen of death.

Some choices do affect quest outcomes within the time constraints I had for the deadline but the overall narrative remains the same. Now that the jam is complete I’m considering spending more time branching out narrative paths and programming different build reactions to make it more dynamic. Thanks for playing! 

This is my first Itch jam! Happy to be here and excited to play these!

My game is called Legend Build Network. It's sort of like a text adventure with character creation as its core mechanic: