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oh i cannot wait to find people to play this with, this sounds so fucking funny

i haven't played this and probably never will (for reasons i will soon explain) but i did just watch someone play it. holy SHIT it had me on the edge of my seat, curled up into a ball, going "i hate this" over and over AND I WASN'T EVEN PLAYING. one of my favorite details was the visible sound effects if that makes sense? i think more horror games should play on that idea more, it's very fun. on the topic of junji ito, you REALLY captured the feel of one of his short comics. i'm a big fan of scares that are hard to notice and i think they're really underutilized, so the eyes in the dark got me pretty good!

all in all, fantastic game, true to the style and vibe, and i will never play it because it absolutely terrifies me!