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It's a jar file :D

Ahaha, glad you like it! The second password might be the trickiest one based on the feedback I've been getting, but several people have solved it :) good luck

Done :)

Took a while, but I think I finally got it working

Haha nice

About a month ago I posted hints for each puzzle on my website, but then decided to take them down shortly after because I felt it spoiled the magic of the game. The only hint I can give you is that all the hints you need are already built into each puzzle. It just takes some analysis and connecting the dots. Anyway, thanks for playing and good luck!

Thanks! This helps a lot! Don't worry, it's a problem on my end. I'll see what I can do about fixing it. I guess for now Mac users have to use v1.1

Thanks! Try running the game via the terminal by entering: java -jar and then the path of the jar file, and see what error message is outputted. Also I re-uploaded the old build (v1.1).

Just a heads up. I got the saves working on Windows when running through the Itch app. Unfortunately my macbook died recently so I can't work on the Mac version of it. I do have a build that should make the saves work on Mac theoretically, but it'll be a while before I can actually test it.

Until then, just opening the installation folder through the Itch app and then launching the game from there is the best work around.

Cool, I'll let you know if I figure out how to get it working through Itch.

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Thanks! Glad you like it! Yea, I tested it just now on the Itch app and got the same problem. I guess the way the file access works is different when launching via Itch. If you launch the game manually it should work properly. Sorry about that!