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It's really cute. My favourite part was the different messages your dad says when you get caught. It's a mechanic I may incorporate into some of my own games later. Even though the game doesn't have a lot of depth you now know how to code a stealth game of sorts. How cool is that? 

Thanks for playing it :) the controls were indeed a design choice. I wanted there to be a consequence for moving and have a bit of weight to the steering.

What a unique mechanic! Extremely creative and gorgeous looking. I really struggled to get past 25 seconds. I think maybe the draw mechanic could be a little more forgiving, but's it's absolutely an extremely clever idea.

Hahaha I have no idea if a no damage run is even possible at all! Maybe with clever use of the slow mechanic. I appreciate you taking the time to play my game. 

Let me know if you beat it :)

Sorry I should have said in the description/game. There are 10 levels total.

Yeah the collision was super janky I think because I had to draw on the polygon collider. It's weird though because the lighting worked fine in unity remote but was buggy when I built the game.