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Its just political satire i dont even know if its worth debating about in comments lmao its an 1 min game

so u want your choice that would be way to much effort for  5  minute game like a scenario for every option would be infinite and the point of the game is that all these choices are irrational and for comedic purposes not for you to be thinking straight which is why you cant keep the money you just have to spend it. And calling it terrible game for that is just terribble

So whats your problem with it its just a satirical game thats short not anything you can call terrible

So what is your problem with the game i dont get it its just a fun little satirical game.

Its a great game you're literally just missing all the sarcasm and humour of the game dude, the aim isnt to just spend his money its to spend his money your way and get the different endings.