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We are working on bots today, hopefully released by next  week.

We just did. The MacOS version was released today.

Are you on Linux?

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Many people have reported this as you can see,

still working on that.

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Thanks! I will definitely add bots, and weapons will have their own unique attachments.

The next update will feature a map with that building shown.

@ThePixlGamer Thanks!

No, you got the right thing. That was just a foretaste, basically showing the new crosshairs and boxes to shoot.

Sorry, I don't really know what to do. If windows can't support it, then I can't make it. Until I find an answer, I'll let you know.

I wonder how old you are...

The reason it doesn't have bots is because it is early in development.

I'm so sorry if this bothers you.

Yes, still trying to work on more weapons.

Ok, thanks for letting me know. I will try to fix it by the next update!


This game won't be multiplayer, though I may consider it once the game is fully done! -Ghost

I have discontinued this to work on my new project: Marine Warfare

link to game page:

Note: Marine Warfare is very early in development with updates every Saturday!

We are students in school so updates may be delayed

(Summer is almost here, so in the Summer we will have a bunch of time to work on it!)

Share Marine Warfare with you friends!

- Name Change, Map change, m9 pistol added. Ability to shoot pistol added, and bridge added over water. Remember, this game is very very early in development. Post a topic of your suggestions for next update! -Ghost007

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The game will be available tomorrow on the 6th of May. This will have guns, barriers, and possibly enemies to fight.


Tomorrow will be an update where we add guns, a pistol, shotgun, and possibly an assault rifle. Barriers such as sandbags and military bases will be added to the map as well. We will also find any holes in the map and fix them! ~Lonerdo

Changed the asteroids models, as well as the player model. Added different sounds.

Bug fixes such as asteroids not respawning, and player not being able to shoot.

Tell me what you think: What should be in the next update?

Alien ships? An ability to call for reinforcements? Let me know!