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Thanks for the comment! Anyway the characters and the tilesets are from the standard rpgmaker xp rtp (I just find them better than the one from vx or mv)

And I have Windows 8.1

Thanks for the reply! Next time I'll try a different approach with the battle system!  You're right for the character development (it's more near the half, and the end of the game) and that it needs more information, I wanted to put so many things, but the lack of time stopped me fom doing so.

Secret Santa Review – Gospel of the land Cleared by Fire

The title is nice, but as soon as I start a new game, half of the screen turns black, I thought "maybe if I keep playing it will resolve?" 

I'm sorry to say that it didn't work; I tried to keep playing but it's difficult to win battles only with attack (you can try to use skills but without seeing the buttons that you have to press, it's impossible).

I downloaded both files and it's always the same, I really hope for you that it's only my computer because the first minutes of the game seems really nice, and I would like to play the game.

Wait till you see the final boss... (By the way striking staff and grand mace might help you)

Thanks a lot for your reply! (PS; I may have made an important error, so I'm reuploading the game, if you want to continue, you should redonwload it again)